Orchard Park Athletics Winter 2015 Season Timeline and Due Dates

Friday 10/16/15 – Athletic Placement Process Parent Permission (APP PP) forms are due in Athletic Office.  (ONLY FOR 7TH AND 8TH GRADE STUDENTS WHO ARE LOOKING TO PLAY A HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL SPORT)

Friday 10/16/15 – HS sports physicals from 2:00-2:30pm in HS Health Office.

Tuesday, 10/20/15 – MS sports physicals (A PHYSICAL IS VALID FOR ONE CALENDAR YR.) -  and MS Athletic Placement Process (APP) Physical Maturity Exams from 2:30-3:00pm in MS Health Office.   **If students do not submit an APP Parent Permission form by 10/16 and pass the APP Physical Maturity Exam on 10/20they may not participate in testing.**

Thursday 10/22/15  Athletic Placement Process Physical Fitness testing at 2:30pm in MS Aux Gym.  If students did not submit an APP Parent Permission form by 10/16 and pass the APP Physical Maturity Exam on 10/20, they may not participate in testing.

Tuesday 10/27/15 – Athletic Placement Process Physical Fitness testing in MAux Gym at 2:30pm. 

Monday 11/2/15 – All Varsity and JV forms are due to the HS Health Office. (Please note that forms may not be dated earlier than 30 days prior (Oct 9th) to the start of practice which is November 9th.

Monday 11/9/15 – All Varsity and JV tryouts/practices begin. (See Athletics pg. of OPCSD Website for “First Day Information”)

Wednesday, 11/18/15 - Winter Athletic Parent Meeting 6pm - OPHS

**Missing due dates will affect an athlete’s eligibility for tryouts**

**Specific information regarding Cheerleading Tryouts will be coming soon!