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JV Homecoming Schedule

Thursday : Football game at Williamsville South, we will meet at the high school at 5:45pm. Girls are wearing full uniform to school, they may accessorize with their class color. Friday:  High School Pep Rally at 6pm. Open to all high school students. We will meet at 5pm, girls must be in full uniform with poms. Pep Rally will last approx 1 hour. Afterwards, JV cheerleaders will dismantle our hallway decorations and bring them Saturday morning for our float. Per OP tradition, cheerleaders will be wearing football players jerseys to school. It is their responsibility to return the uniform to their player by Monday, clean and undamaged. Saturday:  Parade, 10am :  We will meet at OP Middle School at 9:00am to decorate our float. The parade will begin at 10am and walk to the high school athletic field. Carnival, 10:30-1pm: The Carnival is open to the public, all ages, no cost.  JV cheerleaders will have the opportunity to enjoy the Homecoming Carnival activities until 11:45.

Gymnastics Update: VARSITY

Varsity will be attending Wild All-stars for a private tumbling class on MONDAYS 8:30-9:30 You must bring a signed medical release to participate and the cost is $5. Wild All-stars is located at 1560 Harlem Road