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Orchard Park Athletics Winter 2015 Season Timeline and Due Dates

Frid ay  10 / 1 6 /1 5  –   Athletic Placement Process  Parent Permission (APP  PP) forms are due  in Athletic Office .    ( ONLY FOR 7 TH  AND 8 TH  GRADE STUDENTS WHO ARE LOOKING TO PLAY A HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL SPORT ) Fri day   10 / 16 /1 5   –  HS  sports  physicals  from 2:00-2:30pm in  HS Health Office . Tuesday, 10/20/15 –  MS sports physicals (A PHYSICAL IS VALID FOR ONE CALENDAR YR.)  -  and  MS Athletic Placement Process (APP) Physical Maturity Exams from 2:30-3:00pm in  MS Health Office .    **If students  do not submit a n   APP Parent Permission  form by  10/16   and   pass the APP Physical Maturity Exam  on  10/20 ,  they may not participate in testing .** Thursday  10/22 /1 5   –   Athletic Placement Process Physical   Fitness  testing at  2:30pm in MS Aux Gym .    If students did not submit a n   APP  P arent  P ermission  form by  10/16   and   pass the  APP   Physical Maturity Exam  on  10/20 , they may not participate in testing. Tu esday  10/27/ 15  

Parent Meeting

Tuesday September 22 6 PM OPMS  Library Media Center We will briefly discuss our team rules and expectations for the season! See you then!

Spirit Week and Homecoming!

Spirit Week begins Monday 9/14 - Friday 9/18 All cheerleaders are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to dress up and participate in ALL homecoming events! Pep Rally - High School students only, 6pm High School gym Cheerleaders will meet at 5pm. Parade -  St Mark's Episcopal Church on 20A. Cheerleaders will meet 8:30 AM to decorate the float. Carnival - 10:30-1:00 PM HS Athletic Field. Open to the public and free admission! Cheerleaders will work various games and activities throughout the morning! Homecoming Football Game - OP vs Bennett HS kick opp at 1:00 PM. JV cheerleaders will be required to attend the game until the completion of halftime and remain in full uniform.