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JV Practice Calendar Updated

The JV practice calendar has been updated to include the final competition dates and practice schedule. Please note the start times for each practice as they tend to vary! Watch out for Saturday and post-game  practices as we enter competition season.

We will be busing to Wild All-Stars beginning Jan 3.

You can view the practice schedule by clicking the JV Calendar tab above or by clicking here


Holiday Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

Please report for your scheduled time at the McKinley Mall in front of Sears in full uniform! 
We need the following supplies:**BOXES**Wrapping paper
RibbonsSpread the word to your friends and family!  Wrapping is free but donations are graciously accepted!  

Pancake breakfast info

I was supposed to hand out all info, flyers and materials for this fundraiser on Tuesday, with practice being cancelled I need you to please print out your tickets yourself! 
You can use this name and password to actually go on yourself and do it or you can simply print my attachments. 
To download the tickets and flyers for your event please visit our Web site at The user name and password to receive access to these materials are as follows: User Name: tlcnuser Password: tlcn1234

Gift Wrapping Sign-up Sheet

Below is the link to the gift wrapping sign-up sheet. Each cheerleader must sign up for TWO shifts. The shifts are first-come, first-serve.

We will need a MINIMUM of TWO parents at each shifts, however, everyone is welcome to come and help out!

Last year the Varsity cheerleaders raised over $1000 in two days of gift-wrapping in this same location. Please keep your eyes open for deals on wrapping paper, boxes, ribbons, bows, etc!

Gift Wrapping Sign-Up Sheet

"Adopt" a Child for Christmas!

Thank you to the 15 parents that have volunteered to adopt a foster child for the holiday season. I am in need of ONLY four more volunteers to have all of my foster kids adopted! You will be receiving your ornament with your foster child's initials, age, gender, and wish list very soon!! (I know I said teen girl, but I ended up with a few younger aged boys also in need-- I will let your daughters choose which they think fits best in your family.)
Please contact Coach Jill at 816-6726 at if you're interested in filling one of those four spots! 
Thanks so much!

Chipotle fundraiser **update**

Thank you so much for your support in helping OPHS Varsity put on a fantastic fundraiser! 
With your help we raised over $600!! That exceeded our expectations! Great work by all!
Special thanks to Coach Lauren for scoping out our favorite food spot and figuring out how to participate in such a great and tasty fundraiser! 👍

Varsity Money Due 11/12/13

Candy bar fundraiser - $50

Apparel:      Sneakers - $45     Sweatshirt - $35     Competition Bow - $25
Total: $105 
*if you sold a used body suit to JV at the beginning of the season subtract $30 from your total cost.
*Everyone that doesn't already own a sweatshirt is required to purchase one. If you already bought one than subtract $35 from your total cost. 

Football Season Wrap Up!

As football season comes to an end and basketball and competition season approach, I just want to congratulate each cheerleader for a great 2013 football season! You all had a fantastic showing at the games (rain, hail or shine) and especially at the Pep Rally! We received an amazing amount of compliments from OP staff, parents, and other coaches! You have set the tone for a very successful and memorable second half of the season. 
I also just want to thank each parent for your ongoing support with crazy schedules, practice times, and locations! We appreciate your commitment as we try to figure out what works best for the girls, the program, and the coaches; and then coordinate it and get it all approved by the Athletic Office. It's not always an easy task so we appreciate your patience! 
Keep up the good work! And remember we have double ECIC titles to defend this year! GO QUAKERS!
-Coach Jill and Coach Lauren 

Christmas Wish Lists!

Each of your daughters, JV and Varsity, received a letter regarding "adopting" a foster child for the holiday season. Please ask them to provide you with this letter if they haven't done so yet. I am looking for families that are willing to donate a few small items that young female teens residing in foster care have put on their holiday wish list. If you are interested in adopting a teen this holiday season please contact Coach Jill at 816-6726 or at Thank you all for your ongoing support! 
BIG thanks to the parents that have already responded and volunteered to adopt a child!! Much appreciated! Your ornaments with your child's info on will be coming to you this week!
-Linda Ulrich (Emma)* -Karen Jeziorski (Jessi)* -Stacey Bixler (Christina)* -Sue Buerster (Emily B)* -Peg Cerrone (Karly)* -Maggie Dreyer (Kiara)* -Cynthia Zdjedar (Serafima) -Sandy Dean (Kirstin) -Theresa Purtill (Leah) -Kimberly Kamis (Elena) -Tammy Woods (Skyler) -Kim Stamer (Sara and Emi…

Varsity Basketball Season FINAL Calendars

Each Varsity cheerleader will receive a hard copy of the basketball season calendar this week. Here is a copy for you on here as well. I have had many conflicts pop up last minute and felt it was imperative to set dates well in advance so that we do not run into these conflicts during competition season. Each athlete is expected to attend each and every practice along with games. We are competing in the Extra Large division at ECIC's this year and in order to keep our defending title I need full commitment from everyone. I have done my absolute best to accommodate each of your children's other commitments so they do not have conflicts. I need the same commitment on OPHS Varsity as well! I am very excited for the upcoming months, the team so much potential and talent this year!

**UPDATED** (please note change)Basketball Game Schedule

We only have 7 basketball games this year and you are all expected to rearrange your schedules NOW so that you are in attendance at each game. 

December- Tuesday 12/3 Friday 12/13 Thursday 12/19
January- Tuesday 1/14 Friday 1/17
February- Thursday 2/6 Tuesday 2/11*** changed from Monday to Tuesday on the final schedule that just came out last week.

Varsity words

We're here
This year
To let you in
On one little secret
(back handspring)
We're gonna winWe are unstoppable
Make no mistake
Settle for second place
No thanksWe came to impress
We bringing you a show
Everybody yell it loud now
Orchard park,  let's go
Orchard Park , let's go
Orchard Park , let's goTry and beat us
But it will be hard
You came for the title
Sorry it's ours

Varsity fundraiser

Details to follow...  Save the date!

OPHS Varsity Track Jackets

If any Varsity cheerleader wants this jacket, they are $50 and takes two weeks for production.  

Money due by practice 10/15

JV Homecoming Schedule

Thursday: Football game at Williamsville South, we will meet at the high school at 5:45pm. Girls are wearing full uniform to school, they may accessorize with their class color.
Friday: High School Pep Rally at 6pm. Open to all high school students. We will meet at 5pm, girls must be in full uniform with poms. Pep Rally will last approx 1 hour. Afterwards, JV cheerleaders will dismantle our hallway decorations and bring them Saturday morning for our float. Per OP tradition, cheerleaders will be wearing football players jerseys to school. It is their responsibility to return the uniform to their player by Monday, clean and undamaged.
Saturday:  Parade, 10am : We will meet at OP Middle School at 9:00am to decorate our float. The parade will begin at 10am and walk to the high school athletic field. Carnival, 10:30-1pm: The Carnival is open to the public, all ages, no cost. JV cheerleaders will have the opportunity to enjoy the Homecoming Carnival activities until 11:45. At that point, JV gir…


Please bring a completed Tryout Registration Form with you. The form can be found here and on the Information Tab above. Do your best fill out the schedule part accurately.

PLEASE REPORT TO THE HIGH SCHOOL GYM FOYER MONDAY, AUGUST 19 at 8:00 AM SHARP. TRYOUTS WILL BEGIN PROMPTLY AT 8:15.  Make sure you bring water and eat breakfast! Practice will end at 11:00 am.

Be prepared for TUESDAY AUGUST 20 at 8:00 AM. You will have 4 hours to learn all material, stunt, jump and tumble.

JV Parent Meeting

There will be a brief parent meeting for JV girls and there parents on August 22 at 6pm held at the Orchard Park Public Library,  located at S-4570 S.  Buffalo Street. We will be handing out uniforms,  camp clothes,  and discussing details for NCA Cheer camp.  Please plan to be available if your daughter is selected for the team.

One month away!

We are officially in countdown to our new season! Please don't forget to be stretching everyday and practicing those jump combos! 
See you at the next car wash on August 3! Same time, same place.

@OPHSCheer on Instagram

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and tag us in all your cheer pix! 

Summer Car Washes!

Anyone trying out in the fall is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend AT LEAST ONE car wash. Coaches will stop by and see who is there!!  Our goal is to raise $1,000 before the season to help pay for choreography! 
The more money you make at car washes... the less fundraising you have to do later on! MAKE THEM COUNT! 
JULY 13 AND AUGUST  3 11:00am-3pm Valvoline, 5 Corners Orchard Park NY

Summer Training Information

This camp will focus on basic fundamental skills of cheerleading and learn the OP chants, cheers and
dances used at games, with a focus on correct stunting and tumbling techniques.We will also concentrate on flexibility and strength training to prepare
for the upcoming season! Highly recommended for ANYONE trying out! Who: Girls interested in trying out for the 2013-2014 JV or Varsity Cheer
When: Thursday & Friday, July 18 & 19
Time: 9:00am-2:00am *Please bring a lunch! *
Where: OPHS -meet at practice fields behind the tennis courts
Cost: $70.00
Instructor: Jill Dipasquale & Lauren BonillaPlease contact OP Community Education at 716-209-6295 to register
More information can be found in the Summer Community Education Brochure

2013-2014 Try Out Meeting!

We will be hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday, May 29 at 6:00pm at Orchard Park High School Gymnasium. This meeting is open to anyone 8th-11th grade and their parents who are planning to try out for JV or Varsity cheerleading in the Fall 2013.


We will be discussing team expectations and requirements for our upcoming season. 

If you are unable to attend, please contact Coach Lauren-JV ( or Coach Jill-Varsity ( 

End of the season reminder!

ALL Cheerleaders!! If you have not turned in your poms, you MUST return them IN PERSON to Mrs Bosiniski in the athletic office! If you do not do this before the banquet you will not be eligible or graduation, transcript requests, or any other sports!

Don't forget about the banquet, March 28! Excited to see you all again!

Fall Sports begin AUGUST 19!! 

Here is our competition for Ocean City, commence the stalking!!

Patty Shelly Competition Details



Please be at the Freeman Side at 10:30am Saturday morning.

Competition Location: St Mary's of Lancaster
142 Laverack Ave, Lancaster NY

There is free, parking around the event facility. Admission is $10.00 per adult, $5.00 children 6-12, children 5 and under FREE. Concessions will be provided by St. Mary’s High School Athletics. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE VENUE. A variety of vendors will be available on site with competition wear and lots of fun stuff!!

JV: BIG POOF, straight ponies! no-show socks. Please wear your black Quaker Nation t-shirt and black warm up pants. 

Varsity: NO POOF, buns, tall socks

JV warm up 2:35, perform 3:10
Varsity warm up 3:50, perform 4:25
Awards at 4:45

Varsity Jackets

Just a reminder! Anyone interested in ordering your very own Cheerios  Orchard Park Varsity jacket should contact Linda Ulrich at The jacket will be maroon and white These jackets are very popular with other cheer programs in the area and a great investment! Please contact Linda by Friday!

Competition 1/13

CCC Cheer Competition at Niagara County Community College

Begins at 12:30 pm
Awards at 2:00

ALL cheerleaders will meet at 10:15 on the Freeman side.

OP JV performs at 12:45.
OP Varsity performs at 1:08.

Spectator Pricing
Adults - $5 - Ages 13 and up
Children - $3 - Ages 6 - 12
Children 5 and under are FREE

***Varsity Cheerleaders must show up at 10:15 wearing your warm up pants and warm up jackets. No exceptions! You must have your body suit and spanks on under your warm up. Shell and skirt will be in bag along with your new sneakers. You must wear tall white socks that were given to you at the beginning of the season. If you don't have them anymore, your socks must be at leave 3 inches above the ankle no more then 5 inches. Hair must be in a clean bun on THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD, the way we discusses in practice. Your bow should be standing straight up. No sock buns! You shouldn't have any whispys or fly away pieces of hair anywhere. It should be hair sprayed or gelled bac…