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Modified Tryout Information - Winter 19-20

Orchard Park Middle School Modified  Tryout Information – Winter  2019 -2020   *  Twitter/Instagram @ ophscheer   *   BAND : @ opmodcheer Our mis sion is to promote school spirit  for all Orchard Park athletes as well as perform competitively. Please feel free to always contact us with any questions or concerns throughout the tryout process. COACHING STAFF Mary Kate McLaughlin , Modified Coach ​ - 4 th   year Modified Coach,  5  year Program Assistant Coach , 2011 OPHS Graduate Jill  Manka ,  Varsity Coach ​ -1 1 th  y ear Varsity Head C oach at OPHS, 2004 OPHS Graduate Lauren Bonilla,  Junior Varsity Coach ​ -8 th   year JV Head C oach, 3   year  Varsity  Assistant C oach, 2004 OPHS Graduate Jenelle  Mueller, Junior  Varsity  Assistant  Coach /Program Assistant ​ -1 st  year JV Coach, 2 nd  year program assistant, 2014 OPHS Gr a d uate B