Wednesday, October 30, 2013

JV/Varsity **updated** Competition Schedule

Jan 26- Fredonia

Feb 2-Cheer for the Cure 

Feb 8-Patty Shelly

Feb 9-ECIC (Tonawanda)

March 8-9 TBD

Christmas Wish Lists!

Each of your daughters, JV and Varsity, received a letter regarding "adopting" a foster child for the holiday season. Please ask them to provide you with this letter if they haven't done so yet. I am looking for families that are willing to donate a few small items that young female teens residing in foster care have put on their holiday wish list. If you are interested in adopting a teen this holiday season please contact Coach Jill at 816-6726 or at Thank you all for your ongoing support! 

BIG thanks to the parents that have already responded and volunteered to adopt a child!! Much appreciated! Your ornaments with your child's info on will be coming to you this week!

-Linda Ulrich (Emma)*
-Karen Jeziorski (Jessi)*
-Stacey Bixler (Christina)*
-Sue Buerster (Emily B)*
-Peg Cerrone (Karly)*
-Maggie Dreyer (Kiara)*
-Cynthia Zdjedar (Serafima)
-Sandy Dean (Kirstin)
-Theresa Purtill (Leah)
-Kimberly Kamis (Elena)
-Tammy Woods (Skyler)
-Kim Stamer (Sara and Emily)*
-Janet Field (Rachel)
-Karen Byrne (Kailynn Janaski)
-Maureen MacDonald (Nikki)


Varsity Basketball Season FINAL Calendars

Each Varsity cheerleader will receive a hard copy of the basketball season calendar this week. Here is a copy for you on here as well. I have had many conflicts pop up last minute and felt it was imperative to set dates well in advance so that we do not run into these conflicts during competition season. Each athlete is expected to attend each and every practice along with games. We are competing in the Extra Large division at ECIC's this year and in order to keep our defending title I need full commitment from everyone. I have done my absolute best to accommodate each of your children's other commitments so they do not have conflicts. I need the same commitment on OPHS Varsity as well! I am very excited for the upcoming months, the team so much potential and talent this year!

Monday, October 21, 2013

**UPDATED** (please note change)Basketball Game Schedule

We only have 7 basketball games this year and you are all expected to rearrange your schedules NOW so that you are in attendance at each game. 

Tuesday 12/3
Friday 12/13
Thursday 12/19

Tuesday 1/14
Friday 1/17

Thursday 2/6
Tuesday 2/11*** changed from Monday to Tuesday on the final schedule that just came out last week. 

Optional Booster Club Apparel OP items for sale.  Part of the proceeds goes to OP Boosters Club.  On there is a OP Cheer Fleece and Hoodie on page 1 and a Varsity Hoodie on page 2.  The link is:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Varsity words

We're here
This year
To let you in
On one little secret
(back handspring)
We're gonna win

We are unstoppable
Make no mistake
Settle for second place
No thanks

We came to impress
We bringing you a show
Everybody yell it loud now
Orchard park,  let's go
Orchard Park , let's go
Orchard Park , let's go

Try and beat us
But it will be hard
You came for the title
Sorry it's ours

Monday, October 7, 2013

OPHS Varsity Track Jackets

If any Varsity cheerleader wants this jacket, they are $50 and takes two weeks for production.  

Money due by practice 10/15