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NCA Camp

Friday 3-9pm Saturday 8-4pm Eggert elementary school Please bring this signed waiver !

Orchard Park Cheerleading Equipment Expenses

DUE TOMORROW: August 22, 2014 OPHS provides vest, skirt, warm up jacket, warm up pants and two (2) poms. These items are returned to the school at the end of each season. Each girl is responsible for purchasing the following items. Most of items will carry through entire cheer career. CUSTOM Motion-flex bodysuit: $70 NEW  *gently used bodysuits may be for sale, limited availability Practice wear package (t-shirt, tank, shorts): $50 Sneakers: $40 Personalized team backpack: $25 (new time this year, not required if your previous OPHS shoulder bag is in good shape) 4” Nfinity shorts for under skirt: $25 White practice/game bow: $8 VARSITY ONLY Headband: $13  MANDATORY NCA 2-DAY CHEER CAMP August 29-30, Orchard Park High School $170/cheerleader *see attached program description for details BRAND NEW JV CHEERLEADER BALANCE: $388 (includes camp) BRAND NEW VARSITY: $401 **Returning cheerleaders will fall somewhere in between. Please check the condition of your

JV AND VARSITY: 2014 Football Season

UPDATED: Congratulations to the 2014 Football Season Cheer Squad! Our first practice is Thursday, August 21st from 8-12 PM at Eggert Elementary! Please arrive on time ready to work with your hair up, sneakers on, and practice gear on.  Please remember to bring water and snack! SEE YOU THEN!!! I am looking forward to an amazing season with a team that shows great potential! -Coach Jill and Coach Lauren

Chant Practice!

Open to everyone trying out! Monday August 11 and Friday August 15, both days are 2-3! You will learn the cheers and chants we use for football games! Hosted by Emily B! 34 Graystone Lane Orchard Park NY 14127 See you there!

Selling your bodysuit

We will be accepting good condition bodysuits to be resold to new team members beginning Tuesday Aug 5. Please drop them off to Coach Lauren between 9-12 on Tuesday or Thursday at OPHS, or bring to the carwash Saturday. Please deliver bodysuit in a sealed bag clearly labeled with your name. TEXT us to see where we are on campus! If you bodysuit is purchased, you will receive $35 with ONE MONTH of the season start.