ECIC Info for Coaches


We are very excited to host this weekend's competition and welcome you back to Orchard Park! Below are a few details for the day:

Team Arrival:

GPS: 4017 Freeman Road, Orchard Park NY 14127 **NOT 4040 Baker Road**

Doors will open at 7:45am for teams to arrive. Please direct your buses to the Freeman Road entrance of the high school. Once you enter the parking lot, there will be an attendant to give your bus driver instructions on where to park. Teams will enter at the main building entrance, NOT the gym entrance. 

You will be directed to team registration where you will receive the schedule for the day, lay out of activities, and a garbage bag for your team. 

Team Storage:

All teams will be using our auditorium for their bags. You will have assigned rows as to not cause confusion. This will be manned by Orchard Park High School staff at all times to ensure safety.ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM!  
Fan Arrival:

GPS: 4040 Baker Road, Orchard Park NY 14127

Please direct your fans to park on the Baker Road Side of the building, however additional parking will be available on the Freeman Side entrance as well. Please advise your fans to abide by town parking laws. We have contacted the police but cannot guarantee they will not issue tickets. 

Warm Ups:

Morning tumbling warm ups will take place in the main gym from 8:45-9:00am. Please have your team report to a corner of the mat by 8:40am. We will have two attendants running tumbling as to avoid collisions. 

Please arrive to the curtained area in the cafeteria at your assigned call time. You will have 5 minutes to stretch (1 panel),  5 minutes to warm up stunts (2 panels), 5 minutes to run your routine (7 panels). You will have 10 minutes to make it down to the gym before your performance time. Bathrooms and water are available in the warm up area.  Your team will be escorted to the main gym for your performance time where there will also be a water station.  

Main Gym:

We will provide a priority seating area that will be available to your fans. This will be located in the roped off area in front of the judges’ booth. Judges will be set up on risers to ensure the best possible view.


We will have food and drink available to purchase in the Commons area, as well as several cheerleading vendors (bows, shorts, make-up, etc), Official ECIC t-shirts, action photo shots, Dippin-Dots, and more!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns! 

Jill & Lauren, OPHS Coaches, 716-512-4899