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Thinking about trying out? Here are some frequently asked questions!

UPDATED 5/30/17

How often do you practice?
Modified: Practice 2-3 evenings a week plus games and tumbling. Mod football games are traditionally on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings.
JV: Practice 3-4 evenings a week plus tumbling and football games. JV football games are traditionally Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.
Varsity: Practice 3 evenings a week plus tumbling and football games. Varsity football games are traditionally Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.
*Basketball game days vary Mon-Fri with JV playing at 6 PM followed by Varsity at 7:30 PM*
When are competitions?
Winter Season ONLY: Competitions begin mid-January and go through mid-March. Please do not schedule family vacations during Dec-March!!!!!

Who can try out for JV and Varsity cheerleading?
ELIGIBLE 7th and 8th graders and ANY 9-10 graders can try out for JV.  11-12 graders can try out for Varsity.

I’m in 7th/8th grade. How do I know if I am eligible?
New York State requires that all 7th and 8th graders interested in playing a high school level sport complete the Athletic Placement Process (APP).

When is APP testing and what is involved?
Testing is offered 3-4 weeks prior to tryouts. Students are asked to perform a series a physical tasks including pull-ups, sit-ups, sprints, etc, as well as a medical release from the school doctor. Each sport requires a specific skill set.

I passed the APP testing, does that mean I automatically made the team?
No. Athletes who pass the test will still have to tryout.

How many tryouts are there?
There will be a Fall season tryout and a Winter Season tryout, HOWEVER, any athlete who tryouts for our Fall team is also committing to our Winter team! Fall Cheerleading is cheering at football games as well as skill building, team bonding, fundraising, and competition routine creation. Winter Cheerleading is cheering at basketball games as well as competing as a NYS sanctioned competitive cheerleading squad. It is important to understand the commitment to the program and your teammates.

What do you have to do for try outs?
You will be required to demonstrate a variety of cheer skills including but not limited to: multiple jump combinations, stunting/building skills, tumbling, as well as motion, dance, spirit, and enthusiasm. 

Do I have to know how to tumble?
JV: tumbling not required but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that any candidate have a standing BACK HANDSPRING. Athletes must show willingness and determination to obtain tumbling skills

How do I prepare for tryouts?
We offer open practices every Wednesday 5:30-7:30 at NEAC on Thorn Ave. This is open to anyone interested in trying out for our fall team. Gymnastics Unlimited and Buffalo Envy also offer open cheer time blocks for athletes to work on skills for a low cost. Attendance does not guarantee a spot on the team but it is an excellent opportunity to work with the coaches and learn the skills and expectations needed to make the team!

I will be out of town for tryouts, can I still tryout later?
In the event you are unable to attend tryouts, you must contact the team coach ahead of time and discuss possible options. It is in your best interest to attend tryouts as team members are selected based on who works best together. 


  1. My daughter will be attending a private school this fall, but is an OP resident and would like to be on the Cheer Team, is it possible? Also, if she is not allowed to be on the team and the private schools do not offer Cheer do you have other suggestions? Thanks


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